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Andy Knowles Rallycross Team energised by Battery Energy Drink  UK: Supported by BuyEnergyDrinks : Battery Drink UK importer and Distributor

BuyEnergyDrinks are proud to welcome Andy Knowles Rallycross team to the UK Battery Energy Drink supported family. The team will be competing in British and European events throughout 2012 carrying the Battery name on a S1600 Citroen C2. This team has so far proven to be giant killers with many class wins under their belt

Andy Started racing at the age of 18, which is considerably later than most of his  fellow competitors. It has always been his life long ambition to become a rallycross driver.

“nothing else comes close to rallycross”.

From making his debut in the racing world on May 2nd 2005, it only took until March 12th 2006 to grab his first A final win. After 2 years in mini cross, the desire to go faster, coupled with the opportunity to compete against the best in the world, meant a new car was needed. His father and Andy began building a European spec S1600 Citroen C2. Two years later, the car was finished and he could start his attack on the worlds greatest....

Watch out for the little C2 at the front of the pack in 2012, this professionally built car is seriously quick and now the team is energised by Battery Energy Drink UK, podium finishes will be regular!

Andy Knowles powers to take the 2012 British Rallycross Championship  after fighting all year with a competitive field of cars. Battery energy Drink helped him keep a focus on the race right up to the chequered flag. ED inc and BuyEnergyDrinks officially energised Rallycross for 2012 season.


Great work Andy

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