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Shop Events News Team Players Follow Us Tweet Us! Blogger site EnergyTV Mail: mail@buyenergydrinks.co.uk click here for energised gallery :British Rally Championship 2013 : Powered by Battery Energy Drink : Supported by EDinc BuyEnergyDrinks British Rally Championship : EDinc Buyenergydrinks : Official supplier of Battery Energy Drink : Energising the BRC
British Rally Championship : EDinc Buyenergydrinks : Official supplier of Battery Energy Drink : Energising the BRC
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Battery Energy Drink Powers BRC

Energy Drinks Ltd (EDinc) has been appointed as the Official Energy Drink Supplier to the 2013 MSA British Rally Championship promoting the Battery Energy Drink range.

Battery Energy Drink is brewed in Finland, a country renowned for high tech, functional and practical products. Available worldwide in many countries since its launch in 1997, Battery Energy Drink has been introduced for the first time in UK by Energy Drinks Ltd.

In addition to providing BRC and NGK Spark Plugs BRC Challenge competitors with energy drinks, EDinc will provide "Power to the Marshals" by handing out cans of Battery Energy Drink to the hundreds of volunteers and officials who marshal on each of the seven rounds of the Championship.

Championship Manager, Mark Taylor:

"We are delighted that Energy Drinks Ltd have chosen to join us as an official supplier and use the British Rally Championship to promote their range of Battery Energy Drink products. We look forward to working closely with the Energy Drinks team, raising awareness of the brand and products. I am particularly pleased that they have found additional support for the marshals and event officials.”

EDinc Managing Director Howard Edwards:

“We are extremely proud to be the Official Energy Drink supplier to the 2013 British Rally Championship, the ability to re-introduce the premium Battery Energy Drink brand to the rallying world and also to show support for all the marshals who help make these events happen. EDinc will be Powering the Marshals with Battery Energy Drink.”

Battery Energy Drink is rapidly being introduced into stores nationwide, look out for the distinctive black and gold 330ml can in the fridges. It is also available to purchase directly on-line at
www.buyenergydrinks.co.uk and at every round of the BRC at www.rallybrc.co.uk


The following events host both the MSA British Rally Championship and the NGK Spark Plugs BRC Challenge.

22 March BRC Media day - Park Wood, Tong, near Leeds/Bradford

6/7 April Rally of North Wales - Wolverhampton & Staffs CC - Gravel

4/5 May Pirelli Rally - Cumberland Sporting CC - Gravel

31 May/1 Jun Jim Clark Rally - Border Ecosse & Berwick DMC - Asphalt

28/29 June Scottish Rally - Royal Scottish Automobile Club - Gravel

23/24 August Rally NI - Northern Ireland MC - Asphalt

27/28 September Rally Yorkshire - Trackrod MC - Gravel

18/19 October Rallye Sunseeker International - Southern Car Club

9th November BRC Awards Ceremony

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Official Support

We power marshals with Battery Energy Drink
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