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For the Lanes family - Motocross is not just a hobby, but a way of life. After spending many years racing through from local schoolboy meetings up to top 5 overalls in the British Fourstroke Championship.

After years of supporting teams in UK and World Championships, the natural progression for Lanes was to venture into running their own team. Lanes Kawasaki was born.

2011 was an awesome first year in racing terms, including some great podium finishes from both Alex Snow and James Dunn.

2012 welcomes Marc de Reuver, a first class signing to an all new and very much first class machine for 2012, the Kawasaki KXF 450 F1

The team will be competing at National UK level in the Maxxis and Redbull pro-nationals and some selected GP’s too in MX1.

Other signings include MX2 rising star Sunny Thomson and MXY2 James Harrison.

2012 looks sure to be the year of the green missiles and with Battery Energy Drink powering the team, podium finishes will be easier

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Lanes Kawasaki's James Harrison stuns with Maxxis MX2 top twenty debut

With the MXY2 championship wrapped up, and one Maxxis British Motocross Championship round to go, Lanes Kawasaki promoted MXY2 rider James Harrison to the MX2 class for the grand final at Little Silver in Exeter this past weekend. Harrison did not disappoint either, stepping up to the mark with a fantastic debut.

Qualifying on Sunday morning went smoothly; although Harrison had tough competition and a slippery track to deal with, he qualified in twenty-third. His first race also started off mid-pack, but with his usual determination, Harrison soon made quick progress, rejoining the top twenty a third of the way in. Attacking more seasoned rivals in front of him earned him three more places, ending the first race in seventeenth.

Buoyed by his first race performance, Harrison turned up the intensity one more notch in race two and succeeded in making a stunning start in eleventh. The run up front turned into a battle for survival as other rivals slower off the gate forced their way past, relegating Harrison first to fifteenth, and then finally to seventeenth.

Two seventeenth places gave him enough points to be considered for the super-final race at the end of the day. Here both MX1 and MX2 classes race together, and in this race, Harrison again showed early promise. Moving into twenty-third place early on, he again had to contend with not only his MX2 rivals but tough MX1 competition as well. After thirty long minutes, Harrison ended the race in a combined twenty-ninth place, or sixteenth in the MX2 class for an eighteenth place overall on the day.

Commented team principal Dean Lane: “When James first spoke about riding the MX2 class at Little Silver, I wasn't sure it was the best move. It's a big step up from the MXY2 which he's rode all year. But he was out to prove me wrong. And that he did! After qualifying we went into the first race thinking anywhere in the top 27-30 would be a good result. But no, he surprised us with a 17th. He rode a solid race and wasn't worried at all with the competition around him. Another 17th in the second race put him into the super-pole at the end of the day. So yeah, he surprised us all really.

“We're very proud of him, and I'd like to thank him for all the hard work he's put in all year! He's our Lone Ranger! Riders have come and gone this year, and James has been there consistently, bringing us great results!!”

James Harrison (#153): Two seventeenths and in the super-final a twenty-ninth, I'm happy!


Lanes Kawasaki ends Red Bull Elite Rookie season in fourth place

With the motocross season ticking down to the final rounds of the championships across the country, Lanes Kawasaki made the trip to Oxfordshire's Culham track. With the news earlier in the week that the days had been reversed due to weather, this meant that the two team riders James Harrison and George Fountain would only have two sets of races on Saturday, with the remaining three on Sunday.

Thus, on Saturday morning, bleary-eyed riders lined up for their qualifying session. Harrison put in an uncharacteristic time in for twelfth-fastest, while Fountain ended the session in twenty-ninth.

Harrison's plan for the weekend was to end the season in third overall, a plan that looked to be well within reach with his first two race results. Second in the first race and winning the second after leading from start to finish, it was down to the three Sunday races to make the crucial difference. Sunday morning's first race continued the good results for Harrison. Second in the first race after a not-so-stellar start, he ended the second race of the day in third after a half-time switch with rival Ben Watson, repeating the result in race three of the day for a second overall and a fourth in the championship.

Fountain on the other hand struggled with conditions and a bug. Nonetheless, he put in a good quartet of performances. In the first race on Saturday, Fountain ended twenty-fifth, following up with a twenty-third place in the second race. On Sunday morning, Fountain battled the bug again to end his first race in twenty-fifth, and his final race of the day ended with a twenty-fourth place for a twenty-ninth place on the weekend.

Commented team principal Dean Lane: “James seemed a bit off in practice on Saturday morning; he couldn't get a clear track to put a quick lap in, but the poor qualifying didn't seem to bother him once the racing began. He rode solid all weekend to end in second overall, finishing the RedBull championship off well. George was suffering from a cold all weekend but still put in a good performance overall. He has the ability to get consistent top twenty results, and we will work on a few things through the winter. Thanks to both boys, they always do us proud.”

James Harrison (#153): It's been a good weekend! Qualifying yesterday was really bad, don't know what was happening, was still half asleep and qualified twelfth, but then I had a much better race. In the first race I had a second, I won the next race, got the holeshot and pulled a good lead. It rained really hard today, the first race wasn't too bad and I got a second, and the next two were really wet and I managed to get two thirds I think.

George Fountain (#57): Yeah, the weekend went well for me, I really enjoyed it. The track was brilliant. Apart from not feeling well, hence not doing the last race sunday, but overall it was a really good weekend. Thanks to everyone, a special thanks to everyone at Lanes Kawasaki for keeping my bike up and running this weekend...


Aug 2012

Lanes Kawasaki delivers Maxxis stunner at Langrish

With the Maxxis British Motocross Championship going into its closing stages, Lanes Kawasaki made the trip to Manor Farm at Langrish in Hampshire this past bank holiday weekend. James Harrison, fresh from his weekend at the Red Bull Pro Nationals at Hawkstone, rejoined team mate Alfie Smith along with local clubman rider George Fountain and Sebastian Osborne.

Qualifying saw Harrison put in pole in the MXY2 class; Fountain, overwhelmed by the blistering pace, qualified in thirty-third. In the MX2 class, Osborne put in a mid-pack pace in twenty-third, whereas in the MX1 class, Smith improved on his seventh place in his super-pole run to end fifth.

Harrison's day could not have been any more perfect. Two perfect runs in the lead from start to finish on a track that suited his style perfectly gave him the overall win. With the MXY2 championship finished for the year, the win also helped Harrison cement his fourth place in the championship more firmly.

Fountain, albeit a bit intimidated by his much older rivals, nonetheless put in a sterling effort, this being his first ever race at this level. Starts in the back of the pack did not stop him from making some progress throughout the race, Fountain was able to keep several rivals behind him, ending the first race in twenty-sixth and the second in twenty-eighth.

Osborne had as tough a time in the MX2 class. His first race saw him make some tremendous progress in his first few laps before settling into a rhythm in twenty-first. From there, he launched his assault on several rivals, earning himself his first point in the championship by finishing in twentieth. Buoyed by his first race result, Osborne then put together a great start in his second race in fourteenth, but two crashes cost him vital positions that dropped him out of the points. The third race was also tough for the young rider. Thirteenth around the first lap, Osborne found himself crowded out repeatedly, dropping back to nineteenth. A small mistake put him back in the dirt, from here he picked himself back up to twenty-first, only to lose the spot to Matt Bayliss, and ending the day in twenty-fourth overall.

But arguably, the best performance on the day was to be Smith's in the MX1 class. In the first race, a start in seventh soon became a run in fourth with Smith putting some pressure on Grand Prix rival Shaun Simpson, only for Smith to have his hand forced and dropping back one position to end in fifth. The second race ended in a fifth place too after a start in eleventh which Smith turned around with rapid progress to sixth in two laps. The final race had the team first cheering, then worrying. Away in the most spectacular fashion, Smith found himself in second, chasing after championship leader Kevin Strijbos and not at all intimidated by Simpson behind him. A small mistake though cost Smith dearly and he went down hard at the half-way point, ending the day with a concussion, bruised ribs and a ninth overall.

Team principal Dean Lane was ecstatic at the end of the day: “What an awesome day, right from the word go. All the riders qualified really well, you can see from the look on my face that I'm really happy. The only downer on the day was Alfie's crash in the last race, he was lying in second and he was holding his own between Strijbos in the lead and Simpson, and who knows, even if Simpson had got him, he would've still had a nice easy third overall and we would've had a podium finish. But there you go, that's racing, and we're just happy he had two solid finishes and nothing else really matters, he's alright and he can race another day. James had two wins and qualified first, so he top-scored all day, and George and Sebastian rode really strong throughout the day as well.”

James Harrison (#153): Today was awesome, it was a perfect day really. The track was good and luckily the rain didn't come so it was perfect all day. Won the qualifying and won both races, so I'm really happy with it!

George Fountain (#57): Today went alright, it's a big change from club level to this, and I haven't ridden the bike that much yet as well. It's been a big change, the group was fast and the track was alright, it was rough and really grippy in places and slidey in others.

Sebastian Osborne (#13): Today was not the best. I got a few good starts, but didn't put it all together. The track was really rough and I don't ride tracks like this all the time, and getting used to it was really hard, but it was alright and next time will be better.

Alfie Smith (#41): I had a strong first race! I was running in fourth but couldn't hold off Martin Barr, so I finished fifth. In the second race I had to pull through the pack and got another strong finish in fifth! In the last race I gated second and was feeling fit and comfortable at the front pace. Then I crashed quite big at the top of the hill and didn't finish the race


Aug 2012

Shropshire Red Bull podium for Lanes Kawasaki keeps Harrison in championship top five

For Lanes Kawasaki's James Harrison, it's been a busy few weeks. A whirlwind tour of Kent, Scotland and the Netherlands behind him, he found himself in a double bill on the Summer Bank Holiday. Lone representative for Lanes Kawasaki in the Red Bull Pro Nationals, the youngster returned to Hawkstone Park in Shropshire for the sixth round of the Red Bull Elite Youth Cup.

Saturday dawned with the qualifying session, in which Harrison was the runner-up with just under a tenth of a second behind pole position. The first of three races on the day got off to a good start with Harrison in third, a position briefly lost mid-race in a tough battle with Honda rivals Joe Bamfield and Jordan Divall. The second race went without a hitch; this time Harrison found himself in fourth from start to finish, seeing off a challenge from Kawasaki-mounted Tommy Alba along the way.

With track conditions turning very tough for the last race of the day, Harrison got off the line just outside the top five, but soon made inroads by moving into third place. With the lap board out, he once again found himself under pressure by Alba, and had to concede the position to end in fourth again.

Sunday's first race again was a smooth affair. Here Harrison got off the start in fourth and took ruthless advantage of a rival's mistake to move up into, and eventually taking third, conscious of the threat posed by Bamfield behind him. The final race of the weekend proved to be the toughest of them all. The track, churned up by the Pro class just before them, proved to be harder to navigate, and here Harrison again showed that consistency was king with a run in fourth throughout, only to be pipped to the post by Alba in the last few corners of the race to end in fifth for a second overall on the day.

Commented Harrison: “Saturday was good, I qualified in second and was happy with that, I had a good first race when the track was still smooth, I had two fourths on Saturday which is good for me not really being a sand rider. Today I had two decent starts, and a third and fifth, which is good for me in sand but an average weekend.”


Aug 2012

Harrison keeps the Lanes Kawasaki flag flying with a Red Bull Elite Rookie win

Lanes Kawasaki has seen some turbulent times recently and it is with regret that the team had to say goodbye to Sunny Thompson at the beginning of the weekend. With MX1 rider Alfie Smith performing his world championship duties in the Czech Republic, the role as flag bearer for the team fell to Elite Cup Rookie rider James Harrison at the fifth round of the Red Bull Pro Nationals championship. And bearing the flag Harrison did with style and a win at the end of the weekend.

On Saturday morning, the qualifying session saw Harrison put in the second-fastest time, putting him in prime position to make the best of the start. Although off the first race start in fourth, a small slip cost Harrison precious time and two positions, but the rider nonetheless recovered enough places to end where he started. The second race went off much smoother. This time, Harrison found himself in second soon after the start, but was not quite able to close the distance between himself and leader Ben Watson, taking second in the process. The third race on Saturday was, in short, perfect; leading from start to finish, Harrison showed his true potential.

Building on the success of the day previous, Harrison again took the win in the first Sunday race after taking on and beating rivals Watson, Thornhill and Divall. The final race did not quite go as planned after an extended downpour thoroughly drenched the track, but Harrison negotiated the slippery surface in front of him for eight laps without incident, taking fourth place on the finish line and climbing to the top step of the podium at the end of the day.

Although team principal Dean Lane was not present, Dennis Lane stood in and commented at the end of the day: “This weekend's been good, very good. The youngster held the team together! We're very pleased and very proud.”

James Harrison (#153): It was good all weekend really. The track was dry for four out of five races and I felt good in them. I got a fourth in the first race, because I crashed in that, then I got a second and won the next two which I was happy with, and had the fastest lap time, and then before our last one it rained hard and the track was really sketchy and I just tried to survive it and bring it home. I managed to get fourth, and was on top of the podium which I'm really happy with


July 2012

Maxxis top ten near miss for injured Alfie Smith and Lanes Kawasaki

A week after debuting on the Lanes Kawasaki KX450F in Scotland, Alfie Smith returned to Hawkstone Park to join Sunny Thompson as a replacement for Dutch rider Marc de Reuver at the sixth round of the Maxxis British Motocross Championship this past weekend. The team was also joined by veteran rider Greg Hanson on the day.

Qualifying on Sunday morning did not quite go as planned for the team as Smith qualified in seventeenth in the MX1, with Thompson qualifying somewhat further down in twenty-eighth in the MX2 class. Hanson proved that he was still the best of the vets by qualifying in pole, a full two second faster than anyone else.

Thompson's outing on the day was unfortunately very short-lived. After a start just outside the top twenty, Thompson was looking to enter the points but a hard crash half-way in left the young rider in pain and unable to continue, returning to the paddock and sitting out the second race.

Smith proved himself over and over. In the first race, the youngster got off to a good start, putting him just outside the top ten on the first lap. A solid race whilst fending off any challengers gave Smith a twelfth on the finish line. In the second race, a somewhat more difficult start still gave Smith plenty of opportunity to get aggressive with rivals ahead of him, taking twelfth place after one lap, and progressively moving in on tenth place with the two-lap board out and securing the position for the team. With a top ten place in the bag, Smith then proceeded to the super-final, in which he got off worse than others with a start in the mid-twenties. Fighting his corner against not only his own class, but the elite of the MX2 class as well, he found himself going to ground after some race contact with another rider. Hurting all over, Smith called it a day, opting to keep the first two race points only, and ending in eleventh overall on the day.

Hanson found himself in some illustrious company on the start. Leading into the first corners and hotly chased by the likes of Terry House and Dave Thomson, the reigning champion had to see his lead fade into the distance, ending the race in fourth. In the second race, Hanson had to fight his way forward from a start in seventh, bagging third place two laps later. It was not to last as rival Gary Hoptrough forced him to relinquish fourth to end the day in fourth overall.

“Today started off well! In qualifying, Alfie qualified well, Sunny not so much, but then again we know Sunny's better during the race,” commented team principal Dean Lane: “Coming into the first race, Alfie got an average start and worked through like a trooper, the boy never gives up and fights right through to the end and in the races we were blessed with a good tenth overall. I think that's the best he's done in the British all year, and then he went out into the joint super-final at the end of the day. He was running fairly well but he clipped someone going into one of the bomb holes and ended up crashing out and injuring himself again and hurting more than he was last weekend at Duns.

“Sunny tweaked his leg in the first race, and he was unable to carry on for the rest of the day. Greg Hanson rode for us this weekend, he qualified first and rode smooth for a fourth in race one. I never got to watch their second race or where he finished overall. He needs to win at Little Silver and Phil Mercer to have a problem now to clinch the title.”

Alfie Smith (#51): Qualifying wasn't so great, but in the first race I got a twelfth which was ok, and in the second race I was strong towards the end and got tenth and I was happy with that race. In the last race I crashed out again, which was not so good. My neck is aching again, and my back and my chest. Overall I'm happy with today, I don't really like the track so it's probably the best I've ever ridden here.


July 2012

Harrison shines light on dark Scots weekend for Lanes Kawasaki

After an abortive first attempt, Lanes Kawasaki welcomed Alfie Smith under the green awning for the remainder of the Red Bull Pro Nationals season, making it four riders for the team at Duns in Scotland this past weekend.

The advance guard consisted of James Harrison, who promptly qualified in second in the Rookies class on Saturday morning, followed by a solid first run in third from start to finish. The second race, albeit off to a bad start with a crash in the second corner, was arguably Harrison's best. Recovering from dead last to tenth place at the chequered flag was a remarkable testament to will power and determination. The final race on Saturday rounded out the day with another sterling top five performance. Sunday saw Harrison put in two more podium-worthy performances, seizing the lead first but having to concede it to fellow Kawasaki man, Jake Millward. A fourth and a third for a fourth overall on the weekend was the end result.

For the Pro Nationals riders Marc de Reuver, Sunny Thompson, and Alfie Smith, things did not look as rosy when the day was over. In the morning, Smith and De Reuver found themselves in ninth and eleventh after the qualifying session, while Thompson, after experiencing bike trouble, qualified in thirty-first on a spare KX450F.

For de Reuver, the day ended three laps into the first race. After getting tangled up on the start, the Dutchman found himself struggling to get back into the groove, pulling out with a leg injury.

Smith on the other hand made a remarkable comeback in the second race after his first ended mere yards along the start straight. Suffering from a dead leg and a stiff neck, Smith borrowed a stationary cycle to force his leg back to life to return to the start in time for race two. Off the start without any problems this time around, he found himself in sixth, keeping pace with the leaders. Much to his and the team's dismay, the injury sustained in the first race started to take its toll and Smith slipped back before pulling out for safety sake.

Thompson also had a tough time. Although he has past experience with the big bike, it was a tough job to manhandle a bike with twice the capacity around a rough and technical track with less than an hour's riding time under your belt. Nonetheless, Thompson found himself in the top fifteen MX1 riders, keeping pace until the end and ending just one position down in sixteenth. The second race saw Thompson get off the start in eleventh and holding his own again. Arm pump set in and sent him to the ground, costing him several positions in the process. With the track becoming tougher by the lap and his arm pump worsening, Thompson felt it sensible to pull in, taking a sixteenth overall on the day.

“What can I say about today?” mused team principal Dean Lane. “For Marc it was a black day, so we'll just leave it at that. James rode really well all weekend; he scored a third, a fifth and a ninth on Saturday, and a fourth and a third today for a fourth overall. Sunny had a little bit of a problem with his bike in the morning, so we opted to put him on a KX450F, which is the first time he's ridden one all season. He did ok all things considering, he got out of the gate mid-pack and the size and power of the bike tired him out throughout the day. He finished the first race but pulled out of the second one due to arm pump and just struggling to hang on.

“We're also running Alfie for the rest of the year in the Maxxis and the Red Bull championships and this weekend was his debut on the bike. In the first race he got off the start really good and took a really heavy fall. As a result he had a dead leg and a stiff neck, and we didn't think he'd go out for the next race, but he managed to borrow a spin cycle and worked his leg throughout the gap between the two races. In the second race he got a good start, and he was running in fourth for a lot of the race, but you could see he was in pain over every jump and every bump and it just tired him down in the end, and he pulled in when he was around eighth. Fair play to him, he really gave it a go.”

Sunny Thompson (#177): Today's not been too bad. We had a problem with the bike in free practice, so as a result I rode Marc's spare bike. I had some fun but it wasn't really set up for me. I do enjoy the 450 so all in all not a bad day.

Alfie Smith (#41): Today's not been a very good. It started off with a crash, followed by another crash, and then I pulled out of the last one because I was in a lot of pain. But I proved that I could start and run with them for the first half of the race, but I was just aching so much so it wasn't a good weekend for me really.

James Harrison (#153): I had a really good weekend. I had a great qualifying, I love the track here, it was awesome all weekend, real rough. Qualifying went well, got second. First race I got a good start and got third, which is obviously good. In the second I got a good start again, got to the second corner and crashed, and that was my best race and my best speed all weekend. I got a ninth in the last race on Saturday because the bike wouldn't start for a while, and then I got a fourth in the first and a third in the second race today. I was happy with my results, I got a fourth overall which is real good. Happy with it!


June 2012 : Maxxis Round Desertmartin N.I

Desertmartin Maxxis mix-up for Lanes Kawasaki

With round five of the Maxxis British Motocross Championship held in Northern Ireland, Lanes Kawasaki made the long trek to Desertmartin with the hope that the famous sand circuit would deliver yet more excellent results. But – it was not to be.

On Sunday morning, qualifying sessions delivered good results; Marc de Reuver improved on his early MX1 qualifying session in the super-pole with a third place, while Sunny Thompson in the MX2 class put in an eighteenth place performance. MXY2 rider James Harrison had to settle for sixth place.

For de Reuver, the first race was also the last of the day. A mid-pack start became a battle towards the front, and whilst working towards seventh place, de Reuver crashed into another rider getting up from an unrelated crash. Winded and with a sore wrist, he finished the race in the same place he started, in fifteenth. Struggling to twist the wrist afterwards, de Reuver felt it was best to sit out the remainder. The day overall was a disappointing twenty-fourth place.

Thompson's first race saw him get off the start in mid-pack. Several laps later he entered the points and continued to make inroads to sixteenth. Here he settled in to the end for a sixteenth place across the finish line. In the second race, Thompson found himself in mid-pack around the first lap again. Again he worked hard to move up into the top twenty, battling with several rivals along the way. With two laps to go, Thompson moved into seventeenth, ending the race there. The final race ended four laps after the start. After a crash in the first lap, Thompson, much to his chagrin, lost his fuel cap and had to pull in, losing his chance to make another run at the top fifteen. Third race notwithstanding, Thompson ended the day in seventeenth overall.

James Harrison got off to a good start. In sixth after the first lap, Harrison soon found himself in third. Under pressure by several rivals, Harrison had to back off and ended the race in sixth. Although his second race got off to a great start, the race was beset with problems. Slipping several times, Harrison found himself going backwards, ending the race in twelfth, and taking ninth on the day.

Commented Dean Lane on the day: “It was a bit of a nightmare weekend for us. Marc qualified third, then in the first race landed on Whatley's bike and injured himself. That was the end of the day for him. Sunny rode ok with a sixteenth and a seventeenth, but then had to pull in in the final race. James had a solid day, pulling a sixth and a twelfth out of the bag, so good for James. Roll on Canada Heights in two weeks for the next round of the Red Bull Pro Nationals where we hope to regroup and have all three riders putting good races together, especially since this is classed as our home track and we aim to do well.”

Marc de Reuver (#212): Today was simply bad. Qualifying was good, lap times were good. I had a bad start, came through to the front, and then in the last lap Kristian Whatley crashed behind a jump and I crashed into him, and hurt my wrist pretty bad. I can't twist the throttle, and that's important for riding, so that was it.

Sunny Thompson (#177): The first race wasn't too bad. I had a bad start and then came on strong. In the end I ended up sixteenth. In the second race I had a good battle throughout the race and ended up seventeenth. In the last race the fuel cap came off, so I had fuel all over me and I had to pull in.

James Harrison (#153): Qualifying went good, I got a sixth which I was happy with. The first race I was happy with too; I got a sixth in the race as well after I got a good start. In the second race I got a good start, struggled a bit, but I don't know what I was struggling with. I felt fine but just couldn't go fast. In the end I finished twelfth.


June 2012

2nd/3rd June 2012

Fat Cat redemption for Lanes Kawasaki with Red Bull podium

On the Diamond Jubilee weekend, Lanes Kawasaki returned to Fat Cat Motoparc near Doncaster for the second round of the Red Bull Pro Nationals. Although Saturday started off pleasantly enough with sunshine and a brisk breeze, the weather turned nasty towards the evening, drenching the track overnight and leaving the classes with distinctly muddy track conditions on Sunday morning.

For the team's Elite Rookie rider James Harrison, the weekend didn't get off to a good start. Suffering from a chest infection earlier in the week, Harrison did his best to put in a decent qualifying time on Saturday morning, but finished the session in twentieth. In the first race, Harrison made the best of his position and, by riding smartly, took a seventh place over the finish jump. In the second race though, the wheels came off his plan. After getting off to a good start, Harrison suffered from breathing problems and pulled in, calling it a day for the third race also.

On Sunday, Harrison tried again, this time ending tenth in the first race of the day in messy conditions. His final race of the day, also the final race of the weekend, proved to be the best race of the weekend. With rain finally ceasing, Harrison found himself in the top five, moving into fourth place at the finish, and thirteenth overall on the weekend.

For Pro class riders Marc de Reuver and Sunny Thompson, the conditions on Sunday morning would persist throughout the day. De Reuver proved that Fat Cat was his kind of track after all by qualifying in second in the MX1 class, whereas Thompson struggled to find his groove to qualify fifteenth in the MX2 class.

Thompson was on course to his best result yet after getting a great start in the first Pro race. However, whilst in sixth, a mistake in a corner cost him not only his position, but the rest of the race as well. Lapped by the leaders whilst still attempting to restart and with no chance to catch up with the pack, Thompson felt it was best to regroup for the second race. A bad start there meant that Thompson couldn't afford any mistakes, and this time there weren't any. Even after ditching his goggles, Thompson persevered and ended the race in twelfth for an eighteenth place overall on the day.

In the first Pro race, de Reuver redeemed himself by grabbing not only the holeshot, but by also leading the entire race in his smooth inimitable style. A small mistake made in the second race cost him the overall win though; after slipping off, de Reuver had to work hard to slowly reel in leader Barr, but with but a few corners remaining, he was not able to close enough of the required distance and had to make do with second place. His second place overall on the day gave the team its first Red Bull podium of the year, leaving a big smile on team principal Dean Lane's face.

“A very wet but a good weekend,” grinned Lane. “On Saturday James didn't have the best qualifying, but for his first race he got a seventh which was good, but he DNFed the second race because he's suffered from chest pains all week, and decided to sit out the third race. Today he came out and had a steady first race and a fourth in the second one. He mucked up the overall with the two races on Saturday, but he's moving forward.

“In the Pro race, the qualifying wasn't all that great for Sunny. In the first race he managed to push up to sixth, he then had a little slip-off and it took him a while to get the bike started, and with the laps being so short the leaders had already lapped him so he pulled out. In the second race he got a real bad start, started coming through and he ended just outside the top ten. He rode really strong and hard, so shame about the first one. In qualifying Marc was second, and coming into the first race he grabbed a lovely holeshot which cost us a bit of money, rode a great race in the front from start to finish and with no bother from anyone else really. In the second race he gated second behind Martin Barr, he had a silly slip off in a corner and came back to third, then got back to second but ran out of time. He needed a couple more laps and he would've been on the back of Barr and probably gone for the overall win. We got second on the day and we're real happy with the first podium on the year. We're looking forward to the next one.”

James Harrison (#153): Yesterday the whole day was rubbish really, I had a bad throat and had a bad qualifying in 19th. I had a good first race, ended 7th, and then I had to pull out of the other two races because I felt so ill. Today the first race was ok, I got a 10th which I was happy with, and in the last race I had a good start and finished 4th, so it's all good really.

Marc de Reuver (#212): Practice was good, I was second behind Barr. In the first heat I got the holeshot and I won, but I think it's been four years since I won a race like that, you know, holeshot and win. It was really difficult also because you have to set the pace, you're nervous and the back markers were not so good. In the second moto I crashed in the third lap, and by the time I came back to Martin it was just too late. Second overall, I should be happy with my first podium of the year, but I'm a sportsman and I want to win.

Sunny Thompson (#177): Qualifying was alright, free practice was better than qualifying to be honest. I went out in qualifying and couldn't really get a rhythm going, so I had a 24th which wasn't too bad. I don't know what's wrong with me, I need to open the throttle a bit more. The first race was alright, I got off the start really good, was lying in 6th and then crashed again, made a silly mistake and couldn't get going again. In the second race, I hit the gate and came from the back and ended up 12th I think, so that was alright, not bad.

July 2012

Alfie Smith joins the Lanes Kawasaki team for 2012 MX1 season


June 2012

Podium finish for Lanes at Red Bull Pro Nationals


May 2012

Lanes Kawasaki are officially powered by Battery Energy Drink


Lanes Kawasaki : Pro Motocross team : Officially energised by Battery Energy Drink in uk : Supported by BuyEnergyDrinks

MX1 :

Alfie Smith

MX2 :

Sunny Thomson


James Harrison


Team Owner:

Denis Lane

Team Principal:

Dean Lane


2/3 June : Fat cat, Doncaster

7/8th July : Canada Heights

21/22 July : TBC

4/5th Aug : Whitby

25/26th Aug : Hawkstone Park

22/23rd Sept : Culham Park

27 May : Milton MX Park

24th June : Desertmartin N.I

29th July : Hawkstone Park

27th Aug  : Langrish

7th Oct : Little Silver

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