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Oliver first began Free Running/Parkour 3 years ago. Oliver was searching for something to keep him motivated and focused while dealing with the stress teenagers experience at school and in their social lives.

Two of his friends introduced him to the inspirational sport of Parkour which he picked up very quickly.

Watching Oliver in action you would think he has trained as a gymnast or diver but Oliver has learned all his Parkour skills by getting out on the streets and trying it!

Oliver still continues to express himself through the movement of Parkour and Free Running.

Parkour is now part of Olivers daily life, it has taught him to trust and believe in himself and has helped him in both the job world and his social life.

As the human body can never reach perfection he is forever pushing himself to the limit and seeking new challenges.

He is always encouraging others to take part in Parkour and believes that others can find the same focus and motivation that he has found in this inspirational sport.

Oliver travels extensively throughout the UK in the search for evermore interesting and challenging urban environments in which to test his Parkour skills.

During all his Parkour adventures Oliver always has a can of Battery Energy Drink with him to keep him energised and focused for longer.


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