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Underdog MX Racing team are now energised by Battery energy Drink in UK : Supported by Buy Energy Drinks

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BuyEnergyDrinks is proud to announce a new team to join our official  Battery Energy Drink UK Family.

Underdog Racing is a new motocross racing team for 2013. They have decided to make a Team for up and coming riders, they aim to be the team that takes riders out of AMCA and into the Nationals, pushing them to be the best and helping them all the way. Managed by Kirk Owen nothing is going to come between the riders and good finishes! With a mechanic with several years under his belt Steve Snaith, all bikes are always going to be 100% never with a screw loose.

Underdog Racing ACU will be competing in the championships such as;
• Red Bull Elite
• Maxxis Mxy2
• British Masters
• Full British youth motocross (BYMX)
• 2 Stroke MD Championship

Underdog Racing together with support of Battery Energy Drink will see some excellent results in the 2013  motocross season

Underdog racing homepage : results : reports : pictures : click hereCheck this page for updates and results

About Team

Hawkstone Park - British Masters

Hawkstone park for round 4 of the British masters with the wigger brothers and 125 rider Ryan king contesting the Pirelli mx 2 championship Aidan wigger was to have a bad start to the weekend totaling the bike on the wave section flipping the bike taking the sub frame exhaust etc.

With hard battles throughout the weekend Ryan king was to get 6th overall elevating him in the championship and Aidan dropped down to 7th.

In the pro mx2 class still on a high from not only scoring points but making the supper final in the max is Underdog rider Adam Darbyshire was looking to show the same form in qualification he finished 14th.

Moto 1 was to see Adam get a great jump out of the gate and see him in fifth place to drop to sixth lap 2 pushing hard with presser coming from Dunn and Martin Barr the pace took its toll and Adam was to finish a great 10th

Moto 2 looking for the same again Adam was lying in tenth lap one
and the track getting rougher by the lap he made a great move in lap 2 to get ninth on lap three. Coming out of the bomb hole he collided with another rider putting him in the chest nut fencing and out of the race but a great determined ride.
In the mxy2 Toby was to have a mixed weekend with a massive off on the jump to the hill cross rutting it and high siding him.

Also riding with consistent finishes in the big wheel 85 rider Charley wood with a 26th overall and Chris Peaty finish 27th overall in the Pirelli MX1.
This week will see the team head to Ireland for round 5 of the Maxxis


Whitby Race report : British Masters

This weekend the team went to Whitby for round three of the British master with riders contesting several championship’s in this series

In the Pirelli MX 2 we had a great weekend of results with Aidan Wigger taking a great 2nd overall with some great riding and 125 rider Ryan King who on the Saturday cased a jump jarring his back in Moto 1 fought through the pain on the Saturday to push through to gain 4th overall with Lewis Wigger finishing in 23Rd overall

In the MXY2 youth Sam Braithwaite made his first appearance in the championship alongside Toby Owen both had a solid weekend end with Sam putting in a great weekends riding giving him a 10th overall and Toby a 30th.

Sunday was to see the pro racing and with Adam Darbyshire having a nightmare start in Moto 1 and a crash in turn two put him back to the back of the pack he pushed hard to finish 22Nd .

in Moto 2 Adam had a fantastic start and was 7th into turn 2 pushing hard and finish a great 12th giving him a 15th overall .

In the MX1 Pirelli Chris Peaty had a solid weekend with a consistent ride on both days giving him 26th overall.

Again the team continue to improve and fight to the end and I can only be proud to have such determined riders with in my team.

This weekend will see teams off doing different championships again with myself and Adam Darbyshire heading to Fox hills for the Maxxis and with their being no MXY2 at this event the other riders are away doing the Scott nationals good luck to all


Fox hills race report : Masters

This weekend was to see the team at Foxhills for the 2nd round of the British Master s with all the riders looking to improve their championship places.
In the Pro MX2 Rider Adam Darbyshire had a good qualification race but in both starts on in the race he was finding it difficult to gate leaving himself a lot of hard work to do but with a strong consistent ride he managed to climbed four places to 6th in the championship.

Pirelli MX2 Aidan Mt Wigger and Lewis Wigger
had good strong rides all weekend with Aiden having four 2nd s over the weekend pushing him to 2nd in the championship.

The rest of the team had a mixed weekend with crashes and bike problems in the Pirelli mx1 Chris Peaty climbs to 28th
Ash Seymour MX1 pro class finished 29th Lewis Wigger with a good weekend s riding climbed to 23rd

And Toby Owen who has now switched to 250f had a weekend to forget on his first outing now awaiting x ray to see if he has broken any bones.

Race Report  : Landrake

This weekend was to see the team make the long journey down to Landrake for the 1st round of the Red Bull with the younger riders of the team in action Travis field in the 65 class and Charley Wood in the 85 class unfortunately Toby Owen was to miss the 250 2 stroke class with a change of bike and Sam Braithwaite was also out for the weekend.

Travis had his first outing for the team and worked hard all weekend with several spills he never gave up pushing all weekend scoring points in every Moto and coming away 34th in the championship after round one

Charley in the big wheels was also out of the team the aim for him was to look for top 30 finish but bad starts and a few crashes made it hard work for him coming away with 35ht overall .

Underdogs MX1 rider Jamie Dobson was in action at the AMCA championships hoping to improve not only on his position but also his luck after the first round in which he was injured but this was not to be the case in Moto 1 Jamie had a good steady ride for 11th but in race two a rider high siding in front of him was to see Jamie catapulted down the track and was lucky to come away with bruising to his back and side.

The one thing about running a team is not every weekend will be grate but I can say if all you needed to win a race was hart determination and a never say die attitude we would be on the podium every week o thanks to all the riders for their effort.

This weekend sees the team head to Foothills for the 2nd round of the British Masters

MAXXIS Round 1 : Fat Cats

This week saw the team travel to round One of the Maxxis British Motocross Championship at Fatcat motoparc, Doncaster. We set up on sat and the track looked good however continuous rain over night meant that a wet race schedule was announced Sunday Morning. Races would be cut to two for the MX1 and MX2 classes, whilst the MXY2 Youths had one race.

The opening races were held in slight drizzle, however the snow fell ahead of the final two.

Qualification was not to bad for Underdog Mx2 rider Adam Darbyshire who had a good race with just one hundreth of a second covering himself, Ray Rowson, Jordan Divall and James Harrison with Adam giving us 30th.

The mxy2 was to see only Aiden ride with Sam being side-lined by illness. The desiction was taken to rest Sam for next week’s round rather than ride unfit.

Aiden qualified in 29th and having only one race for the day was determined to improve but worsening track conditions and weather did not help. A bad gate was to see him fight his way up the field to 25th only to have a fall and drop back down the field to finish 29th.

Race one in the Mx2 field was to see Adam get a bad start to fight is way up the field to 26th on lap 6. Adam hit the main table top and lost the bike in mid-air. He remounted to find the bike was bent so had to retire from race one.

Race two with conditions worsening and snow falling the aim was to finish and take as many points as possible into round two but half way through the race the bike was to stop with electrical problems.

Else where, A.M.C.A. Underdog Rider Jamie Dobson

Recovering from Knee Injury had his first outing back for the team. Missed practice and went out in race 1 coming from the back. Managed to pull through to 7th and the knee felt reasonable.

Race2 I decided to go for start gating 2nd but had a moment that required a leg dab and went down. Last upto 7th again.

Race 3 gated 2nd and chased leader hard. Caught knee in a rut and damaged it again by twisting. Rode though the pain to push leader to the flag for a 2nd. Overall pleased with progress having been off bike for 5 weeks!! Hope the swelling goes down for next week. Great effort

This weekend sees the team go to Canada Heights for round two of the Maxxis and some of the team at fat cats for the 1st round of the Scott Nationals.


Preston Docks : British Masters Rnd 1

A great weekend for the team with Adam Darbyshire having his first outing for the team in the pro Mx 2 qualifying was good on the well prepped Preston docks track sitting in 5th fastest half way through the session finally finishing up 7th fastest

Race one was to see Adam crowded out on the first corner pushing him back down the field and with the track being narrow would make life difficult for Adam to cut through the field just but a mistake on lap three was to see Adam crash remount and finish a creditable 13th

Race two Adam went down in the first corner putting him at the back of the field on lap one pushing hard he made up four places and by lap 4 he had gained 4 moor to finish 12th giving him 10th overall and a great work out for the upcoming Maxxis at Fat cats this weekend

In the pirelli Mx2 Ryan King finished 2nd overall with a fantastic result in race one coming from 26th to 2nd his team mate Aidan wigger finished in 5th overall and young Lewis with a top twenty finish,

In the MX1 pro class Ash Seymour had a top twenty. In the Mx1 pirelli class Toby Owen and Chris Peaty both finished inside the top twenty

A bad crash was to put Dylan Lewis out and we all wish him a speedy recovery after his massive crash.

This weekend sees the team travel to Fat Cats to contest the Maxxis fingers crossed for good results

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